Silas (Drums) – Szecho (Lead Guitars) – Toby (Vocals)- Thomas (Bass) – Tim (Guitars, Backing Vocals)

(from left to right)

One Last Legacy. Mighty Band.
One last Legacy stand for a subordinate heavy and unique Mixture of Rock and Metal consisting hard, traditional and modern playing. Characteristic for the band is the combination of powerful guitar riffs with melodical elements driven by a strong and remarkable singing that shows everything from low notes to strong high pitches but also diffrent styles of shouting.

..what OTHERS say about ONE LAST LEGACY:

ONE LAST LEGACY present an exceptional debut with “chapter one”. The songwriting is strong and variable, the guitarwork forceful and a the kohlekeller production professional!

MetalUnderground: 5/5
„This Longplayer produced at the Kohlekeller-Studios brims over with Power. [..] Everything with rhyme and reason and the final outcome is simply ambrosia for the ears.“

„The first chapter of an hopefully very thick book. Can it really be true, that a band that only exists for two years kicks out such a debut album?”

Gitarre & Bass, Print-Magazine, May 2014.

„No Question: On „Chapter One… Into the Unknown you’re gonna be served with a big scoop. The Bands puts the pedal to the metal wieth grasping staccato riffs and virtuous soloing from the guitar-section and powerfull drums-and-bass-section. Frontman Alexander Wildberger ups the ante from rough rocker to melodious ballade-singer. Overall the bandsound ist modern, with a mix of classic metal-guitars and art-rock-parts….“

powermetal.de: 9/10 Points
„The Genre-Top gets german competitors.

Strong production, fat sound and excellent singer!

Although this Band from the west of the republic is around for only two years, they have delivered a real breaker with “Chapter One… Into the Unknown straightaway.

Fancy, strong guitars, that don’t need to hide from the topbands of the genre, powerful rhythm workers, that drive every song vehement – but with singer Alex the biggest asset that ONE LAST LEGEACY could show up is standing behind the mic. All this would only be a half story if the songs could not convince in composition. But also on this behalf the boys of ONE LAST LEGACY’s have some grenades in their arsenal, like the opener-double ‘Declaration’ and ‘No Chance in Hell’, the heavy ‘Scars’, the very melodious ‘Coward’, the groove ‘The Day I Give Up’ and ‘Digital’. Even if they approach things acoustic like ‘Gone’ there is nothing to complain about.“

Legacy Printmagazine: 12 Points
„ONE LAST LEGACY suprise with a variable and strong songwriting. The Mix of electric and acoustic tracks – even the Iron Maiden Cover „The Evil That Men Do“ at the end comes very intensive – leave nothing to be desired.[…]
Time and again it becomes clear that in the ranks of ONE LAST LEGACY are versed, experienced musicians who are following a clear vision and could without doubt go one more anytime.
This starting position is comfortable and leads to a suceeded long player worth hearing. „Chapter One … Into the Unknown is a greatly positive and unexpected suprise. Beautiful!“

„..heavy basis and in superordinate throughout catchy.“

stormbringer.at. 4/5
On their album ONE LAST LEGACY go about their work like they have never done anything else – supported by a powerful production they throw around fat grooves and chunky riffs

hardharderheavy.de: 6,5/7
„..an amazing debut in the genre(s) Heavy Rock / Alternative Metal. Absolutely with ambitions upwards, the gentlemen of ONE LAST LEGACY“
„..so cool can Maiden sound with only acoustic instruments. Who could have guessed?“

“Hot Track of the week” – The Final Call November 2013

zephyr’s odem:
„Eine richtig kurzweilige Mischung präsentiert uns der Fünfer, den ich vorher noch nicht einmal namentlich kannte auf ihrem Album „Chapter one…into the unknown“. Da trifft Moderne auf Tradition, gewürzt mit etwas Progressivität und fertig ist ein richtig überraschendes Album, welches noch eine ganz spezielle Coverversion zu bieten hat. Klasse!

Ein Vergleich mit den bereits erwähnten Five Finger Death Punch oder Avenged Sevenfold, wobei One Last Legacy zuweilen besser klingen, als die Modern Metaller aus Orange County, ist definitive nicht zu hoch gegriffen.“

Modern Alt Metal:
„One of the best bands I’ve listened to in months.“



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